2017 - Children's Champions

LIbby Strong

Please join our "Libby Strong" team! 

We are running for a beautiful three year old girl, Libby.  Sweet Libby loves playing with and learning from her siblings, going to the park and tearing apart the house as any three year old does!  All donations made to this team will support Brain Cancer Research and Advancements at Nationwide Children's Hospital.  

When Libby was 5 months old, September 2014, she was taken to the Nationwide Children's Hospital ER becuase of the inability to hold any foods down.  She was initially diagnosed with several viruses, acid reflux and laryngomalacia.  It was an ENT named Dr. Gregory Wiet that had a suspicion that something else might be at play when he scoped and found she had a paralyzed vocal cord.  He immediately ordered an MRI.  Libby was diagnosed with a central nervous system atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor September 2014 at 5 monhts old.  The tumor was completely removed by Dr. Jeffrey Leonard and team - this is very rare for this type of brain tumor!  Shortly after the tumor resection she was prophylactically trached to prepare for her intense treatment plan - 5 rounds of several chemotherapies and stem cell rescues.  She started her first chemo as soon as she got out of her trach surgery.  Dr. Jonathon Finlay, Suzanne Scott (nurse practicioner) and a team of amazing nurses and therapists, both on the 12th floor and PICU, guided us through many ups and downs of our 6 month stay at Children's. Libby got to come home the day before her 1st Birthday on March 24th, 2015.  At Dr. Finlay's recommendation, to avoid radiation at such a young age, Libby made eight trips to Memorial Sloan Kettering Center in New York City to receive Intraommava 3F8 Radioimmunotherapy.  During her routine MRI in February 2016 while battling with RSV they found she had a new tumor in her brain and possibly one on her spine.  Dr. Finlay already had a plan laid out and contacts for St. Jude before he even broke the news to us.  Libby started on a protocol through St. Jude to fight the relapse, a chemo called Alisertib.  In July of 2016 Libby had her 2nd brain surgery at Nationwide Children's Hospital only to discover that while chemo had stopped the cancer growth it was not killing the cancer.  With the knowledge that some of the cancer was unable to be removed she received 6 weeks of Proton Beam Radiation at St. Jude.  In April of 2017 Libby started Alisertib back up as maintenance, under the care of Dr. Finlay at Nationwide Children's Hospital.  Alisertib is administered at home by the family through her g-tube.  She continues to fight hard to beat this rare brain cancer with the wonderful support of amazing doctors, therapists, nurses and support staff of Nationwide Children's Hospital.


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