2017 - Children's Champions

Rylen's Reinforcements

Thank you for stopping in! Take a minute to meet Rylen :

Rylen is your typical 2 1/2 year old filled with spunk, energy and curiosity. He loves to be outside, watch movies, read books, pick on his little bother, do puzzles, fly around like superman and face time his beloved uncle Jon who is serving in the US army. Rylen's journey with Asthma began when he was 3 months old and suffered his first attack. Since then, he has been rushed to the hospital on multiple occasions resulting in extended stays and countless breathing treatments. Rylen became a patient in Nationwide Children's pulmonary clinic when he was just shy of 2 years old. Meagan Walker, CPNP has been a life saver to Rylen and our family. She has taken the time to truly get to know Rylen, she has answered countless questions for us and thoroughly explains every detail necessary. Nationwide has developed a plan for Rylen to help him through all of his attacks, they have given us the information and confidence to know how to medically assist Rylen and most importantly they have given him the tools to continue living life as a non-stop 2 year old. We continue to take Rylen's asthma one day at a time and pray that someday he will be able to breathe easy!

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